Please book massage appointments directly with Brenda Barton at 425-771-6771.


Hawaiian Bodywork

60 min. $135
75 min. $150 (our current special rate and highly recommended)
120 min. $270 (the works!)

Beyond simple massage and relaxation, Hawaiian Bodywork offers a unique experience of profound well-being, a feeling of deep relaxation and ease while feeling energized and awake. A multilevel approach that incorporates deep tissue work, energy work, craniosacral balancing and emotional release.

Hawaiian Bodywork Plus Aromatherapy

Essential oil therapy $25 (additional to Hawaiian Bodywork)

Add a custom blend of organic essential oils to your bodywork session. Essential oil therapy can enhance your bodywork experience, help to strengthen your immune system, release toxins and provide valuable nutrients to your skin. Take your concentrated blend home with you to add to your bath or your favorite lotion.

Jin Shin Jitsu

60 min. $135
6 or more sessions $110 each

A form of acupressure incorporating the approach of traditional acupuncture. This gentle approach engenders healing on a deep level and is especially recommended for people recovering from illness or surgery or with immune system weakness. Multiple sessions are recommended.

Medical Massage

60 min. $135

Your session is modified to focus on structural balancing and tissue repair as applied to special needs such as auto injuries, sports injuries, pre- and post-surgery applications, and chronic conditions. Multiple sessions are usually recommended. Personal injury insurance is usually accepted.

Stretch and Strengthen

Call 425.361.1236 or email for pricing

Gyrokinesis is a unique exercise program that incorporates aspects of yoga with continuous movement to promote balance, fluidity and postural integration. It is taught one on one with a personal trainer or in a small class format.

Alive Feng Shui

Call 425.361.1236 or email for pricing

Also called Hawaiian Geomancy, this is an approach to balancing your home and work environment to support and uplift your life on many levels. Consultations include an extensive analysis and interview on-site and follow-up sessions. Classes and lectures are available.